Healthy Cooking is Easy: Free Wrap Recipes

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Poor old lunch – it often gets a bad wrap (pardon the pun) as the least exciting of our three meals each day. But we’re here to mix things up and put the fun back into lunch!

At 12WBT we LOVE wraps for lunch. So we’ve made healthy cooking easy with this FREE Wrap eBook with two delicious recipes – all endorsed by Michelle Bridges herself! And it shows how to roll your wrap correctly (no more wrap in your lap!) and how to make sure your wrap is not just tasty but healthy and balanced, too.

12WBT Loves Wraps

Why do we love wraps so much? First up, they’re an easy and fun way to pack in lots of fresh, healthy produce for lunch, breakkie on the go, or anytime really! Plus, they’re portable which means work lunches, school lunch boxes or on the road meals are simple, cheap and yummy.

Creative Combos

The best bit? What you put in your wrap is only limited by your imagination. Leftovers in the fridge? Pop them in a wrap! Home late from work and can’t face the kitchen? Make a wrap (we love to toast our wraps, too). Fussy little eaters? Try combos like peanut butter and grated apple or sliced banana, or classic vegemite with sliced tasty cheese.

Download Our Free Wrap eBook

There are over 30 recipes for wraps in the 12WBT Recipe Library – we’ve made a special Wrap Recipe Book complete with two of Mish’s favourite wrap recipes: Beetroot Tzatziki, Tabouli & Rare Roast Beef, and Shredded Slaw, Cheese & Black Bean. Talk about a flavour overload!

Download or print your FREE Wrap Recipes today and start wrapping in the kitchen!

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