Hack Your Habits: How To Make Healthy New Behaviours Last

Nutrition // 12WBT Staff

Do you reach for a bikkie every time you make a cup of tea? Or maybe enjoy a glass of wine most nights of the week? If you’re ready to break through some of your not-so-healthy habits, here’s how. We’ve got some of your most-common habits…hacked.

Hack Your Habits 01 610x610 12WBTHABIT: The 10am coffee and muffin run.

HACK: Change your routine – walk or jog two sets of fire stairs instead. You’ll still be getting out of your chair, away from your desk and get that blood pumping (and welcome change of scenery)!


Hack Your Habits 02 610x610 12WBTHABIT: 3pm chocolate bar or muffin craving.

HACK: Block walk and burpees time! Get outside and walk around the block, then do five burpees…and back to work. Finish with a big glass of water and you’ll feel energised and ready to go. Note: If you wear heels to work, stash a pair of sneakers under your desk and you’ll be good to go!

HABIT: A bikkie every time you have a cup of tea or coffee.

HACK: Get your hands busy! Read a chapter of a book, do a crossword or sudoko puzzle…anything that gets your mind – and fingers – occupied.

Hack Your Habits 03 610x610 12WBTHabit: Drinking wine every night.

Hack: Swap wine for soda or mineral water with fresh lemon or lime, ice and a straw. You’ll still feel like you’re treating yourself, without the booze and extra calories.

Habit: Treat meal? Let’s go wild and eat everything in sight.

Hack: A treat meal is often a treat because there is a sense (often visually) of abundance. Especially when you’ve been consciously restraining yourself the rest of the week! Buy different, healthier foods to go with your treat so you can still surround yourself with a feast-like atmosphere without the crazy calorie count.

Habit: Drive through Maccas after a long day.

Hack: Change up your routine! Drive home a different way and have a healthy meal already prepared at home, so all you have to do is heat and eat. You’ll feel good because you don’t have to spend time preparing dinner, and you can still relax with no ‘to-do’ pressure on you late at night.