Free Christmas Recipe: Pistachio & Berry Ice-Cream

Nutrition // 12WBT Staff

We’d be lying if we didn’t admit one of our favourite things about Christmas Day is the food. Of course spending time with loved ones is wonderful, but sitting down to Chrissy lunch with all the trimmings … yes please!

Delicious and Healthy Christmas Recipes

BUT a delicious festive spread doesn’t just mean loads of flavour – it usually means loads of unwanted calories, too. Our 12WBT elves have been working around the clock to make a yummy Christmas menu that won’t break the calorie bank, with recipes like our Pistachio & Berry Ice-Cream. At under 150 calories a serve, your guests will be impressed and you won’t wake up with the guilts on Boxing Day.

Head to our Christmas page to get more recipes, plus planning tips, entertaining tricks and loads more to make your day fun, healthy and without some of the stress!

Download Pistachio & Berry Ice-Cream recipe now

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