Do You Have Portion Distortion?

Nutrition // Georgina Moore

Ever ordered a takeaway meal and gotten way more food than you bargained for? We experienced this first hand in the 12WBT office this week and thought it was time to put the magnifying glass on out of control portions and how they impact our waistlines!

I’ve been a dietitian for over a decade (which indicates experience, not age!) and during that time I have spent a lot of time talking about portion control. I know that portions have been getting bigger as time has gone on, but there isn’t a better example then when Jimmy, the head of the 12WBT marketing team, popped out the other day to grab a sandwich for lunch.

Now, before I get too carried away with this story, like the rest of our team, Jimmy is quite a healthy guy. He goes to the gym, takes part in fun runs and generally eats pretty well.

So Jimmy just wanted a really quick sandwich, so he just popped down the road. He ordered a basic sandwich on white bread (I did comment on this when he showed me his purchase) and for the $10 that it cost him, Jimmy got the biggest sandwich I have ever seen!

Super sized sandwich!


The iPhone has been included to give you something to compare the sandwich with, but to make it a bit easier to imagine the size of this thing – each slice of bread was 2 inches thick, and the circumference of the bread was about 85cm – that’s bigger than my waist!


Research has shown time and again that people will eat everything on their plate regardless of how hungry they are or how much is on the plate. If Jimmy had eaten all of this – well that’s one massive and one very calorific meal! So next time you sit down to eat, have a good look and think about not just what but also how much food you will be putting in your mouth.

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