Delicious Ideas for Christmas Leftovers

Nutrition // 12WBT Staff

What are some of the best things about Boxing Day? Lying on the couch watching the cricket, swimming in the beach/pool/lake …. and eating leftovers!

Chrissy leftovers usually last well beyond Boxing Day, so we’ve put together some of our favourite ways to use, reinvent and enjoy the ham, turkey, roasted vegies and everything in between after December 25!

We Love Leftovers

In fact, at 12WBT HQ we’re so into leftovers, we got our experts in the kitchen to create a special recipe collection of leftovers that are just as delicious as the main event.

There are lots of ways to revamp leftovers, but maybe none more popular than using Christmas roast meats in a sandwich or wrap. Our 12WBT wrap guide has awesome filling ideas like Beetroot Tzatziki, Tabouli & Rare Roast Beef. Seriously yum!

Leftover Ideas

  • Chockers after Chrissy lunch? Leftover salads make the perfect light Christmas dinner or a side salad on Boxing Day.
  • Ham or roasted vegetables are delish in fritters, frittatas and omelettes for brekkie.
  • Leftover turkey is great in pastas, salads, or who can beat a turkey and cranberry sandwich?!
  • Christmas ham makes a tasty addition to a batch of savoury muffins or a quiche.

Food Safety 101

Keep it cold

  • Put foods that need to be kept cold in the fridge straight away.
  • Meant to be in the fridge and has been left out for over two hours? Toss it!

Keep it clean

  • Wash those hands! And dry them thoroughly before preparing any food.
  • Store meats in the fridge on the lower shelf so meat juices don’t drip onto other foods.
  • Raw and cooked foods don’t mingle. Separate them and use separate utensils for each.

Keep it hot

  • Cook or reheat foods to at least 60 degrees to kill any bacteria.
  • Be thorough. Make sure there’s no pink left in cooked meats like mince or sausages.
  • Look for clear juices before serving chicken. Pink juice? It’s not cooked properly.
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