12WBT Perth Crew and broccoli soup!

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Today the 12WBT Perth Crew boasts over 1200 members, but according to some of it’s founding members, it all began with broccoli soup…

Broccoli Soup

“After completing the Perth City2Surf as a major milestone,  myself and another girl snuck onto a bus for the trip back into the city,” says Peta.  We were talking about 12WBT recipes and saying that although we were initially hesitant about the broccoli soup, it was the best! A lady leaned over to us and asked if we were talking about Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation? We squealed like school girls and discussed the 12WBT the whole trip back!

“That night we started the Perth Crew Facebook page with a six members,” continued Peta. “Within two weeks we had 10 members and were excited to have so many dedicated people in one place – if only we would have known what was to come!”

Fast forward 18 months and the 12WBT Perth Crew have gotten a hell of a lot bigger! According to Sarah, while they have lost many, many kilos along the way, one of the most valuable things they have gained through the 12WBT is friendship, helping each other become the best versions of themselves possible.

“As the 12WBT has changed our lives, we have in turn changed the lives of those around us,” says Sarah. “Slowly but surely friends, husbands, brothers and sisters have seen our success and jumped on board! Along the way, we adopted “Inspire and be inspired” as the 12WBT Perth Crew motto and we all now proudly wear this on our wrist bands as a constant reminder. As well as being fit and healthy we also try to pay it forward, by raising money for some very worthwhile charities.”

Dressed in red, on a mission to improve their health and fitness and have fun, the 12WBT Perth Crew are a force to be reckoned with! You too can change your life for the better, in just 12 short weeks! To find out how check out www.12wbt.com

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