10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight and Save Money

Nutrition // 12WBT Staff

At 12WBT we believe losing weight and taking control of your health doesn’t need to cost a small fortune.

Mish always says that “small changes can lead to big results” so we’ve put together 10 tweaks you can make to your lifestyle to save big on calories… and cash.

1. Downsize your dishes

Help control your portions by using smaller plates and bowls to serve your meals – it will trick your brain into thinking you’re eating more than you are! Move your huge dinner plates to the back of your cupboards and your smaller ones to the front so they’re easy to access.

2. Stick to the perimeter of the supermarket

Did you know all the fresh produce (fruit, veggies, dairy, meat, etc.) is on the outside aisles of the supermarket? Stick to these aisles and avoid the dreaded middle areas that hold the soft drink and lollies.

3. Eat until you’re 80% full

It takes at least 20 minutes for your brain to realise you’re full, so eat slowly and instead of heading straight back for seconds (or dessert), wait a while and see if you’re still hungry. You probably won’t be!

4. Banish the booze

Limiting your alcohol intake is a great way to lose weight. If you still want to enjoy the odd drink, make sure you alternate each alcohol beverage with a big glass of water, to keep you hydrated and pace your drinking.

5. Don’t believe what you read

Be careful of words like ‘diet’ or ‘low-fat’ – this usually means the food is packed with sugars or artificial sweeteners. The worst kinds of snacks are higher in calories with little nutritional value (think chocolate and chips). They might bring some joy to your taste buds, but the rest of you will hit a slump.

6. Give your water a twist

Bored of plain old H2O? Add things like lemon, lime, cucumber, berries, mint to flavour it up without loads of unnecessary calories! Try sparkling or soda water to add some zing.

7. Be a smart snacker

Having healthy wholefoods on hand to snack on so you don’t get caught out is key when you’re on the go. Make sure you don’t leave the house without one or two healthy snacks in your bag at all times!

8. Supermarket shop online

Cut out any chance of temptation (salt and vinegar chips, anyone?) and do your grocery shopping online. You’ll buy only what you need, and can watch your spending as your shop, so no more register shock.

9. Stop drinking your calories

It’s amazing how many calories are in your favourite drinks – even those unsuspecting ones! Ditch the soft drink for sparkling water with a lime wedge, and switch your large-mocha-latte-with-cream to a small skim milk latte.

10. Eat out without blowing out

If you don’t go with a plan, eating out can be a battlefield (and if you arrive hungry, even harder). If the restaurant has an online menu, check it out before hand and make your decision so you’re not tempted when you get there.


Plans like the 12 Week Body Transformation give you all the tools you need to lose weight, without costing the earth. You’ll get weekly Meal Plans and Shopping Lists that are linked with Woolies so you can fill your cart in just a couple of clicks. 12WBT will keep you on budget, and on track to a healthier new you.