9 Things That’ll Definitely Happen to You on 12WBT

New // Caroline Attwood

Whether you’ve done 12WBT a zillion times or you’re a newbie, there are certain things that’ll definitely happen on your journey. Well, maybe…

In no particular order:

1. You’ll realise how magical meal planning is


Sounds awful to everyone but the obsessive organisers, right? Wrong!

Planning your meals in advance actually saves you time, calories and energy in the long run. It’s also a core part of 12WBT, and something our members truly love. Most of the time.

2. You’ll love to hate burpees


In terms of calorie burn and all-over body toning, nothing beats a burpee.

And trust us, you won’t hate them forever!

3. That Saturday Treat Meal is…everything


After a week of eating fresh, delicious, healthy food, members can indulge in whatever they fancy on a Saturday night.

4. You’ll weed out the toxic friends


There’s something about taking control of your life that makes toxic, negative friends come to the fore. They’ll try and sabotage your progress – but don’t let them.

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5. You’ll learn to love early starts


No really – getting up early gets easier every time you do it!

A lot of our members find an early morning workout is the only way to fit exercise into their day. It’s all about what works for you.

6. You’ll realise the scales aren’t everything


Victories come in many different forms – and you’ll quickly realise the scales are but one measure of your success.

7. You’ll discover a new love for healthy food


Healthy does not mean tasteless. It’s true, if you’ve relied heavily on sugar and salt to flavour your food, it may be an adjustment, but in reality healthy food you’ve prepared yourself is better than any takeaway.

8. The day after leg day is BRUTAL


Another round of jump squats? Are you kidding?!

In all seriousness, a little muscle soreness the next day is a sign you’re pushing your body and making progress. Just don’t go too far.

9. Finally, you’ll learn to love yourself again


Because you’re awesome, and you deserve to feel healthy and strong.

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