Why Weight Loss Continues to Get Harder

Mindset // Tim Pittorino, BHSC

Truth be told, weight loss has continued to get harder. In a word, it’s because everything has become too ‘easy’.

Now more than ever, we can effortlessly order food, alcohol and calorie-filled treats from our laptops, tablets and smartphones, without ever leaving our couch. 

How many times have you had good intentions to prepare a good meal, only to be wrecked at the end of the day and just ordered dinner via an app?

Over the past couple of decades, the food we order isn’t even perceptibly bad as fried takeout from bygone eras. These days the food on offer is often cheap, tasty, and offers enough nutritional value to keep us functioning reasonably well AND most importantly, it feeds our emotions and soul.

That combination is hard to beat, which is why it’s so easy for us to give into temptation so regularly, falling off the healthy living bandwagon.

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What’s The Alternative?

The biggest lesson to implement daily is to put a high value on your health. Yes, it may be so easier to reach for your phone and order Uber Eats each night, but your body will thank you so much more if you fuel it with fresh, home cooking that’s full of healthy nutrients. Searching for fresh, healthy foods (that make up only 10% of supermarket shelves) may seem too hard or timely to prepare, but you’ll notice your body rewarding you. Whether that be weight lost, or simply feeling energised and mentally focused.

Yes, home cooking may take more time, but at the end of the day we must love ourselves enough to make good decisions for our body and not just give in to the norm of endless short-term highs of fast food, quick coffees and low prices.

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