Still Making Excuses? Here are 9 Ways to Stop

Mindset // 12WBT Staff

12WBT’s fitness experts hear excuses from members and clients all the time. Excuses not to exercise, not to put away the sugary drinks, and not to dedicate a little time to wellbeing.

Here are their answers to your biggest excuses, perfect for reciting to yourself when you feel that motivation waning.

Time to give yourself a bit of tough love!

1. I’m just not motivated

Motivation has nothing to do with it. You go to work everyday even when you aren’t motivated because you see a tangible reward in your pay. Exercising is the same only your pay isn’t money, it’s your health and life.

2. I’m too busy

Get organised! Take 30 minutes each week to work out when you will be home, when you’ll be out and when you need a meal that you can simply heat and serve.

Then put together a meal plan, shopping list and do a grocery shop. If you have all the stuff at home, it makes it a lot easier than trying to play a guessing game with yourself.

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3. I can’t afford a gym membership

You don’t need a gym membership to exercise. Walk/jog outside or do a circuit such as some pushups, squats, sit ups and lunges. Simple but effective!

As you find out what exercise you enjoy, consider a gym membership. You can probably afford it but see no value in it; when you’re exercising regularly that could change.

4. I’m too tired to work out

Exercise is the fastest way to boost your vitality and energy levels and wake you up, so what better to do than a workout if you’re tired!

5. I like my food too much

Being healthy doesn’t mean not eating, it just means making better food choices.

Like everyone, we have a sweet tooth. And yes, it’s occasionally treated to a slice of cake or ice cream. However, this is not an everyday occurrence. Treat foods should be really enjoyed for what they are – a treat!

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6. Exercise is boring

Exercise can be whatever you want it to be. Take a moment to pick something you think you might enjoy and try that!

Keep trying different things until you find something. There are so many styles of exercise out there. Remember, exercise isn’t just lifting weights or running, try rock climbing, dancing etc.

7. I’ll get too hungry

If you eat the right foods you won’t be hungry. By making better food choices, you will actually be able to eat a lot of food that contains very little energy, so you’ll be left feeling full in the tummy, without that heavy, bloated, sickly feeling.

8. Life’s too short to deprive myself

We couldn’t agree more! So don’t deprive yourself of exercise OR good health. Choose to have both in your life as you can’t have one without the other. Also, remember that treats are there to be enjoyed occasionally.

9. I don’t know where to start

Being healthy doesn’t have to be difficult and it doesn’t all have to happen at once. We’d suggest replacing all sugary drinks with water. When that’s under control, change all bread and cereals over to wholegrain options.

Then maybe aim to eat the recommended five servings of veggies and two pieces of fruit per day. That’s a good place to start!

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