What Do I Do When I’ve Finished My 12WBT Round?

Mindset // Louise McDonald

You’ve finished an awesome Round, achieved a fantastic result and you’re feeling pretty good, but what is next – and how do you move forwards?

Failing to set yourself up for ongoing success can lead to ‘stickiness’ with your approach, stale workouts or even missing them completely. Old patterns with food may start to creep back in.

Planning what you do after your Round is imperative to maintain your results and continuously achieve results across the board, so let’s look at some structure to the next phase and ways to keep winning.

Here are 9 tips for ongoing success:

1. Take your foot off the gas

Working hard for a solid 12 weeks can be tough on the body, so take some time out from the intensity and spend a week or two regrouping, recuperating and resting for a revived approach to your next Program.

2. Re-write your goals

Your goals may change significantly as you get more confident and savvy with your exercise, so take the time to look at what you would like to achieve over your next block of training. This will guide you to what it is you should focus on next.

3. Choose a new focus and set-up your program

With your goals and intentions sorted, focus on what exercise or training you need to get there.

This could include a gym membership, a group to join, an event to enter, another 12WBT Round or investing in some home equipment.

4. Stay consistent

While it’s a good idea to give yourself some space to breathe between bouts of hard training, it’s important to maintain movement to prevent drop off.

Even walking is a nice way to break up your training and keeps the momentum of a great routine.

5. Try something different

Break up your training with lots of different activities and try something new. This challenges your fitness and sparks new energy.

6. Adjust your calories

You have reached your goal weight, so what now? After 2 weeks of being at your goal, gradually increase your calories with a sensible head, to get back up to a level that you will continue to follow as an ongoing plan.

7. Plan your meals

Reaching your goals does not mean to go back to the way you tackled your nutrition previous to your round, so get organised with your meal preparation and you’re always aligned with a healthier lifestyle.

8. Time to stretch more

Stretching is a perfect opportunity to give back to your body and spend some time between tough training schedules.

Following a basic stretch sequence each day or even a class such as yoga is a great way to loosen those muscles.

9. Keep a training diary

Logging what you do within a workout is a fantastic way to note your progress and boost your confidence to raise the bar with each session.

Keep a diary of your workouts, track how you feel too and watch how much stronger/fitter you feel when you reflect on the results.

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