Forgotten Your Resolutions? Time to Get Serious!

Mindset // 12WBT Staff

Mish is here to tell you why it’s time to get serious NOW. She’s made a special video all about it! In 2015 who do you want to be: a ‘gunna’ or a ‘doer’? We all know a ‘gunna’. “I’m gunna sign up for a fun run,” “I’m gunna lose 10 kilos,” “I’m gunna, gunna, gunna.” They talk a big game but rarely act on anything. ‘Doers’, on the other hand, set a goal, show up and get things done.

Ask yourself: What do I really want to achieve in 2015? How do I want to feel in three months’ time? Six months’ time? When the countdown happens next New Year’s Eve? Now is the time to get focused on what you want out of this year.

Here Are 5 Reasons Why It’s Time To Get Serious

  1. The Year is NOT Over

In fact, it’s just beginning! If you lost focus over the craziness of summer, remember there’s still the entire year ahead of you. A year in which you can achieve some seriously awesome stuff.

  1. You ARE Worth It

It’s easy to get distracted with school holidays, summer events, family and friends visiting, holidays … arghhh! But now’s your chance to turn the focus back on you and what YOU want to achieve in 2015 and beyond. Why should you do that? Well, it’s just like the L’Oréal ad says: “Because I’m worth it!”

  1. Your Resolutions Can Still Be Achieved…

Did you set your resolutions or intentions for 2015 back on January 1? Have you somehow forgotten about them, or lost focus? That’s totally fine. Life happens! But now it’s all about regrouping and realising that with some work, those resolutions can become REALITY.

  1. …By Midway Through The Year, Actually

Join our 12WBT team for the March Round (which kicks off March 16), and by June you’ll have made huge STRIDES towards being the best version of yourself. How good will that feel?! Even better – sign yourself up for an event in June (check out our running calendar [add link] for inspiration) and train towards it.

And don’t forget that completing your Pre-Season Tasks [link to] will prepare you fully for the 12 weeks of the Round, and will help you shrug off those excuses you’ve been using to put this off. By the time the Round starts, you’ll be be ready to get serious!

  1. Take Action

A lot of people are all talk, no action. As Mish says, be a man or woman of your word! Losing weight or achieving new fitness goals doesn’t just happen – trust us!! It takes focus, work and dedication. But most of all it takes that first step to commit to yourself, and GET SERIOUS!

If you’re serious about your health and fitness goals, join 12WBT and make 2015 your year of CHANGE!!