12 Reasons Why You Should Do Things Differently this Summer

Advice, Mindset // Sarah Link // 18 October 2013


During summer the temptation of holiday parties and celebrating with family and friends can derail even the best of intentions. So arm yourself with a mental checklist that you can pull out when you start thinking ‘What’s in it for me?’

Below are your 12 Reasons to Do Things Differently this summer, and start 2014 in the best shape of your life.

1. Swap Self-Loathing for Self-Love

Ditch the idea that you need to be perfect to be happy. The reality is no one is perfect, and the sooner you make peace with your body, the sooner you’ll start to really celebrate yourself.

Focus on making small, positive choices – taking a long walk instead of watching TV or saying no to dessert. You’ll be boosting your health, fitness and body confidence all in one.

2. Think Twice Before Reaching for Another Canapé

With party buffet tables loaded with delicious temptations, it’s easy to lose focus and pig out on everything in sight.

Before you enter an event, stop, take a breath, and create some guidelines for your food and drink intake. By being prepared you’ll have a great time without the day-after guilt.

3. Say Goodbye to Summertime Sadness

Swap feeling self-conscious with summer self-confidence. You can do this by avoiding summertime Sadness, through starting on the road to health before swimsuit season. This way you can hit the beach with pride!

Why wait for January 1 to change your lifestyle when you can do things differently now?

4. Pump Up your Body Confidence

Your body is unique, so stop comparing yourself to anyone else. Repeat: stop comparing yourself to others.

The second you start thinking “I hate my stomach”, counter that thought with something you do love about yourself, like “I love my strong arms”.

5. Get Fighting Fit

How you look really is useless if you don’t have your health, so practise nurturing your health every single day. Focus on eating fresh produce and getting active. Don’t exercise simply to lose weight – do it to feel energised, healthy and confident!

6. Love The Skin You’re In

Your body is a phenomenal machine. Take a minute and think of all the incredible things it does for you. Every time you think negatively about your body, you’re criticising all it does for you.

Next time you beat yourself up, stop and think of your ENTIRE body – your muscles, your heart, your brain and so on – and thank it for all the amazing things it can do.

7. Rally the Troops

Don’t isolate yourself because you’re trying to eat well and stay active. You’d be surprised how much support you’ll get simply by sharing your goals with those close to you.

If you’re hosting a party at your place, ask guests to bring healthy foods. If you’re a guest, take a dish so you can eat well and have fun – plus your host will love the contribution!

8. Kick Regret to the Curb

Don’t spend another summer on the sidelines, without the confidence to get amongst the action. Sure, at times the path to health will be rocky and challenging, but even harder than that? Regretting not doing something for yourself sooner.

9. Get Involved in the Community

Get out there and enjoy the sunshine. Join a boot camp group or walking/running club so you look forward to exercise rather than slogging it out on your own. Look up your local community centre or YMCA for listings.

10. Party Hard The Healthy Way

You don’t need to miss out on party season altogether: you just need to smart. Remember, the focus of parties shouldn’t be the food and drink – it should be spending time celebrating with family and friends.

11. Impress Yourself

Instead of spending all those beach days body-obsessed, challenge yourself to try some new things. Jot down 10 things that would really impress you, like entering a fun run or joining a beach volleyball club. Then get out there and do them!

12. New Year, New You

Now is the chance to do things differently and make your summer one to remember. Join 12WBT and you’ll step into 2014 healthier, lighter and all-round better!

Do things differently this summer. Register your interest in the next 12 Week Body Transformation today!

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