Easy Ways to Workout at Home

Fitness // Sarah Link // 17 March 2016

Our trainers have modified some common strength training exercises, so instead of needing fancy gym equipment, you can use things you already have at home. Think a dining chair, hand towel and rice – yep, even rice!


Give our exercises a try the next time you want to break a sweat – not the bank. You’ll never look at the stuff around your home in the same way again.

Workout at Home: Backpack Lunges

Exercising with Household Items 1200x900 Backpack Lunges

Workout at Home: Chair Push Ups

Exercising with Household Items 1200x900 Dips & Push ups

Workout at Home: Towel Pulls

Exercising with Household Items 1200x900 Towel Pulls

Workout at Home: Bottle Bicep Curls

Exercising with Household Items 1200x900 Bottle Dumbells



  1. Denise Clark Reply

    Traveled for 6 months in a caravan…no room for equipment. Did the program and in 12 weeks I lost 8 kilos (73 kilos to 65 kilos), dropped 4 dress sizes, completed my first 5k fun run in under an hour and my doctor cut my high blood pressure by half…no excuses, the program works!

  2. Angie Reply

    Gym workout

  3. Robyn Dean Reply

    Workout using treadmill or the great outdoors. I need have a home gym for strength and toning sessions.

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