Why You Should Run In Winter

Fitness // 12WBT Staff

Now the cold is setting in, it can be tempting to ditch your running in favour of sleeping in, but by maintaining your training during the colder months you can reap the following great benefits:

You’ll Burn More Calories

Your body has to work harder to regulate its temperature when you’re in cold environments, so you’ll actually burn more calories running during winter than you would running in summer. Same work = bigger result. It’s a no brainer!

You’ll Feel Happier and More Energised

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) peaks during the colder, darker months, and staying sedentary only exacerbates the effects of this. Running gets you outside, gets your blood pumping, which carries oxygen throughout your body, refreshing you, leaving you more energised, able to think and focus more clearly. Plus the rush of endorphins will help keep you feeling happy and healthy!

You’ll Get Your Vitamin D

Staying indoors and rugged up during winter means we run the risk of a vitamin D deficiency, which contributes to SAD, our immunity and many other bodily systems. Getting out and running in the sunshine helps maintain your vitamin D levels, helping to minimize the likelihood of getting sick, and keeps your mood light.

You’ll Help Fight Overeating

There’s nothing like getting out in the fresh air and getting your body moving to motivate and encourage you to eat well –  and we all know how easy it is over indulge when we’re cold! Running throughout winter will help keep your eating on track, ensuring you are well fueled for whatever comes your way, without the worry of the winter bulge.

You Can Keep Focused on Your Fitness

Too often people let their fitness slide during winter, and then it’s a frantic struggle to get back on track once spring rolls around. By running throughout winter, you’ll ward off the dreaded winter kilos, and ensure you’ll feel fit and healthy year round.

So grab those trainers, lace up and head outdoors for your best winter yet!