The Secret To A Sculpted Booty Is This Workout

Fitness // Louise McDonald, Cert III & Cert IV Fitness

Training the toosh is an integral part of a lower body workout and while we might assume that it’s important to work this area to have a perfect looking booty, it’s a crucial area for stability and for forming a solid foundation for many exercises.

Making sure that you hit the glutes from all angles can ensure that you maximise your strength and development of the 3 muscle groups that make up the glutes and hit both an aesthetic goal of a toned, round butt to being super proficient in a plethora of exercises.

Here’s the best booty sculpting workout to carve out a brilliant backside

Warm up

3 step side run – 2 mins


Jogging on the spot – 2 mins


Sumo squat pulses – 1 minute



Perform each exercise for 15 reps and complete 2 rounds of each circuit

Circuit 1

Single leg squat squat-single-leg


Sumo squat jumps


Romanian deadlifts


Circuit 2

Step ups


Power backward lunges


Single leg hip raises


Circuit 3

Side Lunges

Leg curls


Diagonal lunges

Final Blast

2 minutes of walking lunges


Spend 5 minutes cooling down and a stretch to end your session!

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