What Burns More Calories – Sex or Running?

Fitness // 12WBT Staff

Many of us at 12WBT HQ love to run. While we like to break a sweat on the track, there’s another way that could, er, rank as one of our other top ways to sweat. Yep, we’re talking about sex.

Why running trumps sex

We all know that running and sex are both good for your health – both mental and physical. But here are our top five reasons running is better than sex:

  1. The faster you perform, the better!
  2. You can do it with friends, family, pets – the more the merrier
  3. But running on your own is sometimes the best way to do it
  4. Posting pictures of yourself on Facebook or Instagram is welcomed
  5. Doing it in public will not get you arrested

What burns the most calories – running or sex?

When it comes to walking versus sex versus running, there’s one activity that comes out on top (pardon the pun).

A 10 minute walk burns just 35 calories – about as much as ONE lolly snake. 10 minutes between the sheets will burn about 48 calories, but running? Just 10 minutes pounding the pavement or treadmill will burn off a whopping 95 calories – that’s a mammoth 570 calories per hour – and a seriously good workout.

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The verdict is in: running is king!

The verdict is in: while ‘sexercise’ is good, running is even better.

In the war on workout calories, it’s clear to see that running is strides ahead. It’s also not only good for smashing the calories – we’ve talked before about how weight loss can boost your love life too. Another added bonus of running? It will increase your stamina between the sheets. We call that a win-win.


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