How to Maximise Your Calorie Burn

Fitness // 12WBT Staff

Sometimes, eating well and exercising isn’t enough to shift the dial. You need to increase how many calories your body burns while exercising and at rest. Luckily, these three things can help.


How flexible and mobile your muscles and joints are directly impacts how much weight you can lift, how quickly you can move your body and how quickly your body recovers after exercise.

Poor flexibility and mobility means your range of motion is reduced. For example, if you lack mobility in your hips, you might only be able to squat down a few inches versus someone with good mobility who can squat down so their hips are below their knees.

This means that the first person is only doing a fraction of the work the second person is doing, which equals less calories burnt and less strength gained.

Always allocate time each day to improving your flexibility and mobility through stretching, foam rolling and massage treatments.

Not only will this make your workouts much more effective, you’ll greatly lessen your chance of injury too!

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The higher the intensity of your workout, the higher the number of calories you burn – not just during your session, but afterwards as well.

Always work at the highest intensity you can manage, where you can still maintain good posture and safe exercise technique.

Don’t be afraid to work hard here! When lifting weights, the weight should be heavy enough that the final few reps are a struggle to get out, and any cardio you do should leave you breathless.

No more reading magazines on the treadmill! Turn up the speed, or the incline, and get to work!

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Exercising on an empty stomach can greatly reduce the amount of energy you have to burn, and therefore negatively impacts the intensity at which you can workout.

Aim to eat a small snack, consisting of easily digestible protein and carbohydrates, roughly 30 to 90 minutes before your workout.

A protein shake with water and half a cup of berries, or a boiled egg and half an apple are two great options that will fuel your workout, protect your muscles, and help you recover better so you can do it all again tomorrow!

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