Get to Know our 12WBT Experts: Lisa Donaldson, Dietitian

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We’ve been taking you behind the scenes at 12WBT HQ and introducing you to our rockstar team of experts. You’ve met dietitian Chantelle Curtis-Latchford, fitness guru Dan Swanbury, Support Crew legend Brooke Surtees and now it’s time to say hi to Lisa Donaldson, a 12WBT dietitian!

Name: Lisa Donaldson

Position: Dietitian

Supermum and Nutrition Superstar

After spending 10 years as a school teacher and gym instructor, Lisa followed her passion and went back to university to become a sports dietitian. So why did she make the jump? Says Lisa: “My decision to change careers was based on my own health. I have coeliac disease, lactose intolerance and a kidney condition.” The first dietitian to join the 12WBT team, Lisa loves guiding and advising 12WBTers towards a healthy lifestyle.

What she does day-to-day at 12WBT: “I’m usually up early feeding my bub, Nathaniel. After that, I log into work, often in my pyjamas! Once I finish my 12WBT shift, exercise is always on the agenda – usually a long walk around a lake in Canberra or a jog around the pond near my home while pushing the pram.”

Favourite thing about working for 12WBT: Although I work remotely from Canberra, I feel like I’m in the office with the 12WBT team. Our virtual workspace allows me to work from home with my baby boy.”

Mantra: “Make life happen! No point sitting around letting life pass you by, right?”

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What Lisa’s most proud of: “Due to health issues with my kidneys I was told I couldn’t have a baby – I proved them all wrong! Other than that, I’m pretty proud of my academic pursuits and proving that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.”

How she prioritises her health and fitness: “I don’t really need to prioritise my health and fitness. It’s part of my everyday. I know how good I feel when I eat well and exercise, so it happens without too much effort.”

How she likes to sweat it out: “I’m an RPM instructor and I love running … but mountain hiking really gets me in a puff!”

Lisa’s perfect day: “My perfect day would involve my five F words – fitness, family, food, friends and fun. A sleep in, participating in a fun run with my husband and baby, followed by a massage, a delicious meal then a late-night pot of tea and cake catch-up with my girlfriends … then coming home to my baby sound asleep.”

Favourite childhood memory: “Riding my pushbike up and down my street.”

Favourite weekend activity: “I’m a mountain climber – with my hubby and baby – and brunch catch-ups with friends is always a weekend fave.”

Favourite comfort food: “Roast sweet potato is a big hit at my house at the moment.”

One thing we may not know about you: “I used to ride a motorbike!”

Top 3 songs to work out to: “Anything with a strong beat and a happy feel. Ministry of Sound Running Tracks are often playing on my iPod.”

Top 3 songs to relax to: “I never really listened to classical music before having my baby but now we relax to classical music in the evening to prepare for bed – loads of Bach!”

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