12WBT Daily – Introducing our Brand New Fitness App for iPhone

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We are SO excited to announce our brand new iPhone app – 12WBT Daily.

12WBT Daily is about to take your transformation to a whole new level. It’s the perfect companion to your 12WBT program: view your day’s Exercise and Meal Plans, and track your food, workouts, sleep and mood with a single tap. Plus, the guided workouts mean you’ll have a personal trainer on hand, anywhere, anytime. Now you’ll have one less excuse not to stick with your 12WBT program.

What’s So Great About 12WBT Daily?

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Naturally, we’ve tested the app over and over again to ensure it does everything we want in order to make our Members happy. Here’s what some of the 12WBT team have to say about their favourite features.

Tessie Teoh“I wanted 12WBT Daily to be simple, delightful and easy to use so that our Members can stay on track and enjoy being successful. It was a real labour of love and we involved our Members in the design every step of the way to make sure that we were on track in meeting their needs. My favourite part of the app is the Daily View, which shows you everything you need for the day so you don’t have to think – just do!” – Tessie Teoh, User Experience Designer

Dan Swanbury



“I obviously love the Workout Player in the new 12WBT Daily App because it’s an industry-leading feature and my team put so much work into it. It’s a beautiful, seamless experience that no one else has.” – Daniel Swanbury, Digital Fitness Editor



Lara Grey“I think the app is great because it’s simple to use, with no fuss, and it really delivers on what it set out to do – help Members stay on track every day of their 12WBT journey.” – Lara Gray, Product Director



IMG_7483_2“One of the app’s key features – the Workout Player – delivered me the biggest and most technically tricky video project I’ve done for 12WBT: to re-shoot the entire Exercise Index. That’s 438 demonstrations. Working closely with the fitness team, we shot for eight days straight and two days back-to-back in a public gym using three on-camera models.” – Joady Weatherup, Video Content & Strategy Lead



“The app is the perfect way for Members to stay on top of their 12WBT journey with just a tap. I’ve loved working with our Members on the beta testing and listening to their feedback. I really believe 12WBT Daily is a great addition to any 12WBTer’s home screen – it’s the ultimate daily companion.” – Nikki Grandjean, Support Crew

Top 8 Features of the 12WBT Daily Fitness App

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Our rock-star team have been working around the clock for over a year to create this one-of-a-kind app that has a stack of amazing features, including:

1. Workout Player

This awesome feature provides easy-to-follow guided workouts that you can stop, start and pause anywhere, at anytime.

2. iTunes Integration

Lift your workout to the next level by listening to your iTunes playlists directly through the app.

 3. Audio Cues

Keep your music pumping as Audio Cues fade in and out to move you through your workout – intervals, reps and rests.

 4. Daily View

Simply open the app to see your Exercise and Meal Plans mapped out for you every day – including recipes, exercises and tips to keep you going.

 5. My Stats

Link your Fitbit, MyFitnessPal and Apple Health stats so you can see ALL your stats in one place, with a single tap.

 6. Post Photos

Use your iPhone camera to take and store photos of your day. That can include pictures of you, your food, your workouts – anything.

 7. Fitness Score

Keeping track of your transformation and Mini Milestones just got a whole lot easier – just open the app, enter the results and watch your progress.

 8. Mindset Monitoring

Simply record how you feel each day to watch your mindset and mood change over the weeks.

12WBT Daily is free for all 12WBT Members as part of their 12 week program. Find out more.