12WBT – Big Bang Exercises!

Fitness // Tim Pittorino, BHSC

With the silly season fast approaching you will no doubt be indulging in a few more drinks and meals out than usual, and why not – ’tis the season to be jolly right?

In order to prevent the usual seasonal weight gain, my two biggest tips are to stay active and don’t let yourself become too hungry.

Staying active is important at any time of year and with many of us the holiday season can be a time of year where you have less time because of school holidays, driving the kids around, the endless social obligations, etc. etc.

So if you are either:

A. Short on time
B. Like to have drink
C. Love your food or
D. All of the above

Then you will have to stay a little more active if you want to keep the same dress or jean size over summer.

In order to enjoy that extra drink or bite to eat without the expanding side-effects you will have to move a little more…but if you are also short on time then you will have to increase the intensity of your exercises. These exercises have a name…and the name is…BIG BANG!

These exercises are very quick, really ramp up your metabolism and burn a truckload of calories while you’re doing them and for up to four hours afterwards.

These types of exercises use practically every muscle in your body; require nothing but your bodyweight and get you cardio fit at the same time.

A full-on routine of these exercises can be found in then next round of the 12WBT in Mish’s tips – ‘Being flexible with exercise’, it’s one hell of a routine that will get your heart pumping.

In the mean time practice the King of the Big Bangs – the burpee, if you can do 20 of these in a row then you’ll earned that extra drink.

Best of luck – you are gonna need it!