Wife, Mother, Half Marathon Runner… How Kelly Lost 50 Kilos

Community // Michelle Bridges, Master Trainer

Not long ago I shared Andrea’s awesome 12WBT story. I recently got an email from another of my rockstar members that blew me out of the water. Kelly is a wife, mother and business owner – yet she has managed to lose 50 kilos on my 12WBT, and run not one, but several half marathons. This is her story.

I’ve just completed my fifth straight round of 12WBT. I’ve done Beginners, L2R, 10km, 10km Advanced and Half Marathon – and in the process I’ve gone from 108kg to 58kg. A total of 50kg lost!! I reached my goal weight five weeks ago and have been happily maintaining it while continuing to enjoy my running. It just seems surreal!

The program has been such an important part of my life for 16 months that it doesn’t feel right to finish without a thank you! I know that it has been my own hard work and commitment that has got me here, but the framework the program provided was perfect for me.

Finding The Old Me

I’d like to say I’ve completely changed but that’s not quite true. Certain attitudes have done a complete turn around – like my attitude to food and fitness. But as the kilos have come away and I’ve put miles on my runners, I’ve found the old me. The one that cares about herself, is focused, doesn’t give up, has goals, is committed, makes plans for herself. So many of these traits went by the wayside while my kids were young.

The Power of Exercise

The exercise has been key for me. Because I run, I WANT to eat well. My training really motivates me to make sure I eat the right food. I wonder if without the exercise I’d have been committed to making the food changes I have… I don’t know. But I intend to keep up the magic formula for good eating and good exercise because it makes me feel amazing. Plus, I love my size 8 jeans!

A Marathon Effort

Two weeks ago I completed my first half marathon at the Hunter Valley Wineries. I can’t tell you how amazing this was. My son and daughter were so excited as I neared the finish: they were cheering and calling out to me, pointing to the finish line, then hugging me and presenting me with my medal!! I was surprised at just how proud of me they were – it filled my heart.

I then realised what a terrific role model I was for them. They could see that all the hard work I had put in had paid off, in me being able to achieve this goal. I was showing them that health and fitness mattered and that they could set any goal they wanted and work towards achieving it. I had already learned part way through my journey that putting myself first when I needed to train wasn’t being a bad mum, that in fact it made me a better one. Seeing them at the end of my race just confirmed it.


Thank you team for offering so much advice and support. And to Mish, thank you for taking the time and spending the energy to turn your knowledge and passion into a business that I could access to turn my life around. Your hard work has paid off too!!

So now I move on with ‘life’. I’ve got this and will never go back to where I was. Next goal is the Blackmores Half Marathon – might see you there!

Thank you so very much.



Kelly is a married mum who works part time, and runs the family business. Her two children, aged 9 and 11, keep her busy as well!