The Power of Community. Go Online to Get Supported

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They say it takes a village to raise a child, and the same can be said about losing weight and getting fit.

Yes, you can do it alone. And plenty of people have. But some type of support is not only beneficial – it’s game changing. Finding people that share your weight loss or fitness goals can make the difference between succeeding or not. While you might usually turn to your partner or friends for support, it might also be worth casting the net wider to find like-minded people to help you on your journey.

Some of the benefits of a support system include:

  • Encouragement
  • Advice
  • Accountability
  • Cheerleaders!

The Power of Getting Online

The internet is a powerful tool for connecting with others that share your interests and goals. A huge 72% of online adults are social networking site users, and that number is growing every day.

In the ‘real world’, our friends and support networks are usually geographical – we connect with people in our neighbourhood, from the same workplace or school. But these people may not have the same interests, particularly when it comes to getting fit and healthy.

Enter the power of social media – it’s free from geographical limitations. Instead of feeling locked in by the habits and views of those around us, opening yourself up to a new support system is just a few clicks away. We can as easily connect with someone on the other side of the country – or world – as we can with Joe Blow from down the street. It’s easy to get online and get support and encouragement from people on the same journey as you.

So how can you build your support network? Try these ways to meet – and connect with – people online.

Build Your Blogging Muscle

A blog is a great online tool to document your health and fitness journey. It’s basically an online space that you can say, well, whatever you want. Write about your good days, bad days, and everything in between.  It also allows you to say things you might not be able to say to your nearest and dearest. And though it might feel that way at the beginning, you won’t be alone for long with 77% of internet user reading blogs regularly.

How do you get started? Simple. Sign up to a free blogging site, follow the prompts and get writing.  It’s that easy.  You can use your real identity or if you prefer anonymity, stay private. You’ll also be able to start following other people’s blogs that interest you, and you can connect with ease.  Before you know it you’ll have a little blogging community all of your own!

Fight Fat with Facebook

For many, checking your Facebook page is part of a daily routine. And while it’s good to keep in touch with friends, old classmates (or old boyfriends), it can also be used as a weight loss tool.

Instead of using Facebook to view other’s successes, start sharing your own. Post progress updates and share recipes, articles, pics and more to those in your social network. You’ll get real-time updates of other’s journeys and what’s more, loads of encouragement. Even though you may be miles away from your nearest Facebook friend, you can log your progress and share your results in just a click.

Check out the 12WBT Facebook page to start connecting with others who share your vision of a better you.

Trim Down with Twitter

Twitter is another great way to share your health and fitness journey. And you’re not alone – the fastest growing age group on Twitter is 55- 64 year olds, which has grown by a whopping 79%. You can tweet your thoughts, gripes or triumphs as much – or as little – as you like. Don’t be shy! Connect with others, comment on their tweets, congratulate them on their wins and soon you’ll have some Twitter weight loss pals.

New to Twitter? Start following the 12WBT Twitter page to get inspired, and see what other 12WBTers are up to!

Join an Online Weight Loss Community

Finding the right online program can be the final push in your road to weight loss and fitness success.

A program like the 12 Week Body Transformation gives you all the support you need, without leaving your couch (except to work out of course). You’ll get exercise and nutrition plans, access to forums where you can connect with others on the program, and mindset videos to keep you on track.

Do your research and find a plan that fits your life. The right online weight loss community will be just that – a welcoming community that encourages you, while giving you the information and tools you need to be your best self.  Plus, you’ll have online supporters that celebrate your wins and bring a sense of fun to your transformation!

Click for Change

The reality is, it’s easy to feel alone when you’re trying to make better lifestyle choices for yourself. But don’t let that stop you – there’s plenty of ways to keep motivated and on track. If you feel like you’re lacking a strong support system, get online. Logging on just might make the difference.

Join the 12WBT community and get the tools you need to succeed. Register your interest in the next 12 Week Body Transformation today!

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