Should I do the 12WBT Over Christmas?

Community // 12WBT Staff

For many of us the thought of being on a ‘diet’ over Christmas and New Year is enough to make you reach for a packet of biscuits. But when you look at it logically this is actually a great time to be eating well and being active.

The weather is awesome and if you don’t go too crazy over the silly season, you won’t start the New Year feeling bloated and lethargic and there will be no need to once again, make that familiar New Year’s resolution to lose weight. How good is that?
The holidays are often an excuse to go crazy and do everything to excess, but if you want to be one step ahead this Christmas and learn how to handle what could be the biggest red flag day of all time, then your best bet is to join the 12WBT!

The next round of the 12WBT starts on November 19 and runs right over the silly season. We have included some amazing recipes for serving at parties and for entertaining guests, there is also a great menu for Christmas day lunch!! Oh and did I mention the cocktails, canapés and desserts?!

The 12WBT is offering a lifeline through what is a very tricky time of year – offering that guidance we all need to stay on track. So if you want to eat, drink and be merry, without blowing out – come join the 12WBT family and enjoy Christmas and New Year wholeheartedly – without the guilt!