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Our friend Mish has produced a number of bestseller books and with her latest ‘Get Real!‘ just hitting the shelves, we spoke to some of her members (and readers) to get their review on the latest inspirational stories and lessons from the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation Revolution

Lose weight – Reach goals – Feel fantastic

The Michelle Bridges 12 Week body Transformation has already helped Australians lose over 850,000 kilos!

Go behind the scenes and hear amazing, life-changing success stories from 75 different 12WBT members.

A Source of Inspiration

“Is it wrong to say that I was inspired to pick it up because I am featured in it? Haha! On a more serious note, the 12WBT community is so large, and full of inspiration that I was curious to read what other members had achieved! The forums are a great tool to use during a round, but when it’s over this book is a great reminder of the stories that you read about every day.

“This book sits on my bedside table, and acts as a source of inspiration often. If I’m having an off day, I’ll do a random flick and read about one of the amazing people featured. Sometimes it lands on my page, and that’s ok too. There a re also some really great mindset tips in there, and recipes that are really great to have conveniently on hand.

“It is a must read for anyone who would like a good read. For anyone who is a part of the 12WBT community, or someone who is curious about the program. The people featured in it are real. People with kids, and jobs and struggles just like everyone else, and what they have achieved is great.”

4.5 JFDIs, all the way! – Sarah

Are you Sitting on the Fence?

“Seeing and reading others peoples stories makes me think and wonder what my mind and body are truly capable of. It’s a case of, if they can do it, I can make that happen for me too.

“Anyone who is contemplating wanting to change their lifestyle. If you’re sitting on the fence and trying to decide if you want to change, this book will help you make your mind up… In a positive way!”

5 out of 5. – Bridie

Real People,  Real Stories

“With so many self help and ‘diet’ books around at the moment spruiking their miracle ways to lose weight and get healthy, it seems difficult to find a book that is actually genuine. The title ‘Get Real‘ is exactly what makes this book worth reading. A book about real people with real inspirational stories. It is a book about everyday people finding a way to make a change in their lives for the better. It is truly refreshing to find a book that doesn’t promise a miracle cure, but shows how people, normal everyday people, have found a way to make life a little bit better using the tools from 12WBT!

“I have loved reading about how people have achieved their goals and surpassed the highest expectations. Whatever these goals are, whether it has been the weight loss, the improved fitness or even achieving greater confidence, I have seen that the only obstacle in achieving these goals is myself. Since reading this book I have run a half marathon which 12 months ago I would have never ever thought possible! I now have the energy to run around with my sons and nothing beats that feeling!!!

“Anyone that has ever doubted themselves and thought they couldn’t achieve their goals. This book will show the reader that people of all ages, sizes, family and relationship status are capable of making a positive change in their lives if they just give 12WBT a try.”

4.5 out of 5 for sure!!!!! – Rachael

Unique and Inspiring

“I picked up the book due to being fascinated by my fellow 12WBTers. Each person’s story is very unique & very inspiring. Each story is from the heart & no one is the same. I love how the book allows people to share sides of them we don’t get to see.

“I don’t think that anyone could not pick up the book & not be inspired & moved by the wonderful people in it sharing their stories. It’s true, it’s real & it’s from the heart. It’s a book that you can pick up again & again. Each time you read it, you get something different from each of the stories. You cannot read this & not be motivated.”

Definitely rate this book as a 5 – Leonie

A Must Read

“This book is a must read for anyone, any age, who wants to achieve more in their lives. It will inspire you to make a change in your nutrition choices, to get up of the couch and enjoy the outdoors more, to spend more time with your family and friends. It will inspire you to be the Best Version you can be, by leading a more confident, happier, healthier, fitter life. And learn to love yourself a little more along the way.

This book definitely gets a 5 star rating from me! – Melissa

You can’t go past a fantastic book that leaves you looking at life with a positive attitude.

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