Be Inspired by Our May Round Winners

Community // Stephanie King BAppSc (Ex&SpSc), MBus (Marketing)

Each and every round we are inspired by our members who continue to blow us away with their incredible results, both on and off the scales.

A huge congratulations to our End of Round winners for May. Be inspired by their incredible results (we definitely are!).


I feel stronger mentally to say yes to the right things even if it’s running the stairs instead of taking the lift when i park each day, and saying no to those never ending temptations. I’m so proud of myself for reaching my mental and physical goals, i have never been this strong in my entire life, in every way possible!


I have learnt that I deserve to put myself first sometimes…it doesn’t make me a bad mother and my kids actually appreciate the NEW ME!!


I am not a fan of exercising but on the program I have managed to stick to the fitness program and I exercise everyday. Every time I do pushups, I give myself a positive affirmation by saying one thing that I like about myself. By the time I am finished my set, I am feeling really great about myself mentally.


End of Round Winner Jennifer


This program felt like my last resort to get my old self back. I knew it would work, but did not realise it would work this well and that I would feel so great. I have more personal goals I want to work on, but now feel I have to tools to be able to do it, and I am no longer scared to move forward.


I have always struggled with being overweight since school. Growing up, exercise and portion controlled eating was not a consideration and I always felt I couldn’t change or do anything about it. I was so wrong. I can now run 1 km and have lost over 8 kg (over 10% of my body weight!).


I am a happier person – I feel happier, stronger and I no longer sweat the small stuff. I am more focused on a goal & know I have the ability to reach it now. I’m going to keep up my 3.30am morning exercise routine because it’s MY time, without taking anything away from my family.


I have learnt that it’s more than ok to take that 45 mins a day for myself to exercise to improve my health, which has made me happier and fitter and a much better mum and wife for it.


End of Round Winner Anya


I am most proud of the performance in my third (and fastest!) half-marathon. I beat my best time by half an hour to smash the run in 1:56! I have lost that dreaded “last 5kg” and can now do over 10 push-ups on my toes & squat 60kg.


I had a great weight loss, but for me, the improved fitness score is worth so much more. I can’t wait to see where the next round takes me. I love being fitter and stronger.


First and foremost I have learnt to believe in myself.  The biggest mental challenge for me was overcoming an injury that stopped me doing the thing I love most – running. I just remembered what Michelle says – work on other areas that aren’t injured. And I did! My journey is never ending – always new mountains to climb, events to challenge myself with, and life itself that is always throwing curve balls.


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