About To Finish A Round? What Next?

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Reviewed by: Erica An, BNutr&Diet, BHSC

Congratulations! You made it through 12 weeks in your journey to a healthier, fitter, happier you! It’s an achievement, but by all means, a healthy lifestyle doesn’t finish here.

You’ve Come A Long Way!

When you come to the end of a round, it is undoubtedly the best time to assess what your health is now, and where you still want to be. Are you feeling empowered with all the tools you need and you feel like you’ve got your health and fitness by the horns? Or are you feeling like you’re just getting started on this amazing journey? Whatever stage you’re at, it’s important to remember this is a life journey, not just a means to an end.

Keep Your Momentum After You Finish

Now that you’ve put in the work getting started, it is so important not to lose momentum. It’s so easy to say ‘I’ll just give myself a break’ and end up slipping back to bad habits, losing all the gains you worked so hard for.

Remember, your health and fitness is a lifetime journey, and you are still solidifying those great habits.


What To Do Next

  1. Sign up to another round:

If you’re in the boat of feeling like you still need the support of getting started, why not try another round.

Feeling like you got the hang of things pretty quickly in these past 12 weeks? Why not try challenging yourself with one of our amazing programs like Lean and Strong or Running.

Either way, it means you’re supported every step of the way, with an amazing crew of fellow team mates and 12WBT staff, backing you to achieve the best version of you.

Try our fitness score to see where you are at fitness-wise and it can advise you on where you should be heading.

  1. Write Down Your Goals

Re-evaluate where you want to be. Did you hit your goals you set last round? If not, that’s ok. Overall, the secret to great health and fitness is about perseverance. This is an opportunity to challenge yourself and hit those goals in another round.

  1. Thank yourself

    You’ve just spent 12 weeks working on becoming the best version of you, challenging your vices and bad habits. Even for just taking the first step, you deserve to pat yourself on the back.


Celebrating the Best Version Of You

If things didn’t go as well this Round as you’d hoped, remember that setbacks happen- but you’ve started the journey now, and you don’t want to lose the progress you’ve made, both mentally and physical. Look at this as an opportunity to recommit to yourself.

All you have to do is sign upand our 12wbt crew and you’ll be making the next step in your journey.

Let’s go celebrate you becoming the best version of yourself. Time to get back out there – you deserve it!


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