How I Lost 40 Kilos: Kelly’s 12WBT Story

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I joined 12WBT after a dinner date with my husband.  I was wedged into a restaurant dining chair, completely numb from the hips down (a regular occurrence whenever I sat).  While he ordered our meals, I took out my phone and wrote a list called ‘Pros to losing weight’.

The next day, I looked at the list and decided it was time for another half-hearted attempt.  I signed up for 12WBT, although I believed that I would fail, even as I did the Pre Season Tasks.  I wrote down wanting to lose 10 kilos and remember saying to myself aloud that I’d never do it.  My husband rolled his eyes when I told him I’d joined.

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I decided to set myself an overall weight loss goal of 40kgs, which would get me back to the weight I was when I met my husband.


My first week on the program was a nightmare, and I almost did give up… again.  Looking at the big picture was too hard, so I decided to adopt the mantra “one meal at a time”.  I would only focus on the next meal, not the day’s plan, or the week’s.  Just one meal.  Slowly but surely it got easier.

I reached my 10kg goal after six weeks, and adjusted it to lose 15kg in the round, which I reached on the very last day.

After ten weeks, my doctor took me off my blood pressure medication – in just 10 weeks my blood pressure had dropped from 160/110 to a perfect 120/80.

Kelly and Mish

I reached my 40kg milestone just a few days before I met Mish on her tour at Westfield Chermside, and it was amazing to be able to personally thank her and tell her that I’d lost 40kg!  It feels surreal, and most days I struggle to believe that I’ve actually done it.

Mish asked me what was different this time – why had I succeeded?  I said it’s because I finally realised I’m worth it.

Now I’ve moved my goal weight, and I’m aiming to lose 56kg all up.  I couldn’t have done it without the support of fellow 12WBTer Catherine (who is now a friend for life) and other wonderful people I’ve met doing 12WBT.

“One meal at a time” is still my catchphrase.  When I find myself wanting to comfort eat and old habits are creeping back in, I take it back to the basics.

I’ve learned how to look after myself, trust myself, and I’m slowly starting to love myself.  I know there’s no going back for me now – I am worth more than that.