Why You’ll Love the Power of Pre-Season

Advice // 12WBT Staff

We get asked all the time: What the hell is Pre-Season? And why is it so important?

Preparation = Success

Think of it this way: you wouldn’t go on a holiday without some planning and preparation, would you? If you didn’t organise yourself before you left, you’d come home to rotting food in the fridge and a mailbox stuffed with mail, right? Or if you waited until the day before you left you’d be racing around in a panic and probably forget a few things, correct? Pre-Season is kind of like that. It’s all about getting prepped so you start the 12 weeks as smoothly (and successfully) as you can.

Pre-Season is the six weeks leading up to the start of the Round. It’s a time we’ve built specifically for you to focus and get in the right mindset, so you’ll hit the ground running when the 12 weeks begin. Sign up now and you’ll still have time to complete your Tasks. Believe us, we’ve seen a LOT happen even in a short time!

How Does Pre-Season Work?


Kacey with Mish

During Pre-Season you’ll complete a series of tasks that start you in the direction of making lasting change. You’ll be given tasks like setting your goals, telling your family and friends your plans, and getting real with yourself when it comes to excuses. These are as much about prepping your mind as preparing your body.

“Doing all the Pre-Season tasks changed my mindset about where I should be at and what I should be doing. It was the only way I could have succeeded with the exercise and the nutrition.” – 12WBTer Kacey, who lost 24 kilos

The Pre-Season Payoff

Getting in the game before the main event is crucial. In fact, lots of people have seen huge results in Pre-Season and then gone on to do even bigger things during the Round! Read about their stories here.

“Completing the Pre-Season Tasks, reading everybody’s stories, goals, knowing there are sooo many of you doing this with me, watching Michelle’s videos … I can only attribute my feeling healthier on the inside, being able to cope with other anxieties a little better and an actual movement on my weighing scale (towards lower numbers) for the first time to Pre-Season! Thank you Michelle and 12WBT – for setting me up so well.” – nehanagaich

“When I first started I took the advice of my awesome sister (who had lost an amazing amount of weight on the program) and really paid attention to the Pre-Season Tasks and then just simply did what I was told. The payoff is that you don’t have to do the hard thinking about what you need to do. Mish and the team have done it for you – you just follow their expert advice, learn on the way and BAM! results.” Mazzarattaz 

The Results Speak for Themselves

Sophie after the 12WBT Finale Workout

Sophie after the 12WBT Finale Workout

Almost all of our 12WBT success stories have one thing in common: they all got stuck right into their Pre-Season Tasks. We’ve seen it time and time again: people who do the Tasks get their head in the right place, and that in turn drives them to reach their goals. Some 12WBTers have lost 2, 5 or even 10 kilos in Pre-Season alone. Imagine what they then go on to achieve in the 12-week Round!

“Do the Pre-Season Tasks, specifically the task about ‘no more excuses’. Until you break it down, you don’t realise that we use excuses in our daily life for everything! Persistence pays off when you stop making excuses.” – 12WBTer Sophie