Last-minute Christmas Gift Ideas

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At 12WBT HQ we are counting down the days til Christmas! We’ve compiled a list of our top (healthy!) gift ideas for you to give your family and friends. Or maybe something from our list caught your eye? Print this guide out and leave it somewhere your family will get the hint!


The Kitchen Safe

This nifty (and slightly hilarious) device pictured above will help you and your family resist temptation. Tempted to snack? Lock treats in the plastic box and set the timer to help your willpower along. Want to unplug from electronics? Put your phones, remotes, gaming controllers in the safe and get the family outside for fresh air and exercise.
Price: $49.95 online.

Tanita Digital Kitchen Scales

Take the guesswork out of portion sizes with these Tanita scales. Use the large weighing area and weigh function to make controlled cooking easier.
Price: $69.99 from the 12WBT Shop ($42.00 for 12WBT Members)

GreenPan Kitchenware

Eco-friendly and heat resistant, GreenPan kitchenware heats to super-high temperatures without emitting toxic fumes. Its non-stick technology is built to last even with the harshest of kitchen usage.
Price: From $159.00 from various stockists.


Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity and Sleep Wristband

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity and Sleep Wristband

It’s the 24/7 fitness device you can wear. During the day it tracks steps, distance and calories burned and lets you know when goals are reached. At night it tracks sleep cycles and wakes you silently in the morning.
Price: $129.95 from the 12WBT Shop.

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor

Warning: The Polar Heart Rate Monitor can get addictive! It doesn’t just track calories burned and heart rate, it does a whole lot more. The Star Training Program feature sets weekly targets, gives feedback on your training, and is water resistant to 30 metres. It’s almost as good as having your own PT on your wrist!

Price: $229.00 from the 12WBT Shop.

Tanita BC-541 InnerScan Body Composition Monitor

You’ve heard the saying: “The scales don’t lie”. Well, these high-tech Tanita scales do more than just count kilos – they measure body fat, water and much more. Plus, you can keep the whole family on track with adult, child or athlete modes.
Price: $139 from the 12WBT Shop.


The Run Lock

Let’s face it – stuffing car keys into our bra (ladies!) or socks (fellas!) is uncomfortable and not a good look. With the Run Lock, just pop your keys inside the compartment and lock it onto your car door handle for a comfier adventure.
Price: $44.99 online.

Michelle Bridges Project Extreme DVD

Even when you’re on vacation, there’s no excuse not to work out. Mish’s latest DVD Project Extreme will kick the butt of even the most seasoned of exercisers (trust us).
Price: $29.95 from the 12WBT Shop ($25.45 for 12WBT Members).


Beats by Dre Beats Pill

Beats by Dre Beats Pill

This is the little speaker with the really, really big sound. Cord free and small enough to fit in your hand, it makes working out to music anywhere a breeze.
Price: $259.95 from the Apple store


Lumoback Posture Sensor for iOS

If you know a prone sloucher, then this posture sensor is what they need. The Lumoback gently vibrates when the wearer slouches. It also tracks steps, sitting time, hours slept and sleep position. The only thing it doesn’t do is the dishes… yet.
Price: $149.95.

Michelle Bridges: Total Body Transformation Journal

Track your progress and stay on track with this ‘new you’ hardback journal. It has four 12-week blocks for recording your progress: calories in, calories out, goals set and achieved and how you’re feeling.

Price: $14.99 from the 12WBT Shop.


12WBT Daily and Weekly Planners

See your day or week at a glance with a 12WBT planner. Highlight workouts, plan meals and be totally organised. It’s an ideal stocking filler, or, why not grab one for yourself while you’re there.
Price: $9.95 and $14.95 from the 12WBT Shop.

Beyond Cool Citrus Zinger Green

Beyond Cool Citrus Zinger Green

Sometimes plain water can do with a bit of zing. Enter: the Zinger. The portable bottle with built-in citrus infuser gives all the flavour without those pesky bits of fruit getting stuck in your teeth or straw.
Price: $29.95 from House.

Michelle Bridges: Australian Calorie Counter

Counting calories can sometimes be tricky, so throw this in your bag and you’ll be armed with knowledge wherever you go.
Price: $9.95 from the 12WBT Shop.

Digital Skipping Rope

The old-school skipping rope has had a high-tech makeover. This new-and-improved skipping rope tracks the number of jumps and calories burned for only 14 bucks.
Price: $19 from Kogan Australia.

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