Five 12WBT Women to Inspire You

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In honour of International Women’s Day on Saturday March 8, we’re celebrating some of our most inspirational 12WBT ladies. Together these five women have lost more than 150 kilos – and gained a whole lot of life!


Liz: Inspiring the Inner West

Liz is an amazing example of a complete 12WBT transformation. In seven Rounds she’s made huge leaps in every aspect of her life. Her mindset has done a total 360, her career is firing and she’s met – and married – the man of her dreams.

Oh, and did we mention she’s lost 45 kilos?! Talk about inspiring!! Liz also knows the power of women in numbers. She was one of the founding members of the Inner West Sydney 12WBT group ‘The Pink Ladies’, which now has more than 250 members!

Liz’s Top 12WBT Tip: “Anyone can do 12WBT. I was 120 kilos when I started. I was overweight, I was depressed and I was unhappy. Since starting the program everything has changed. You can go from being overweight to someone who loves life. Anything is possible.”

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Leanne: a True Survivor

WA-based 12WBTer Leanne is nothing short of a survivor. After being diagnosed with bowel cancer, she gained weight due to chemo. Determined to shed the kilos, she joined 12WBT in Round 4 2012. Three 12WBT Rounds later, she’d lost 35kg and was one of our makeover winners! Leanne, you’re a true inspiration.

Leanne’s Top 12WBT Tip: “Remember to befriend your goal, truly acknowledge it when you achieve it, and take time to celebrate and enjoy it before you move on to the next one.”

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Tanya: Thank You for Being a Friend

Losing 16 kilos in one 12WBT Round is a feat in itself – but for Tanya, that wasn’t all she achieved. Halfway through the Round she heard a friend was battling cancer, so being the warrior woman that she is, she stepped in and decided to help.

Tanya signed up for the Tough Bloke obstacle race, trained like a demon and raised $26,000 for her friend and her family to help lessen their financial burden. An absolute legend!

Tanya’s Top 12WBT Tip: “I used to put a lot of mental barriers in front of myself that would block me. Once I freed myself of those, the nutrition and fitness followed. It’s opened me up to a new world.”

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Tracey: Hitting Her Goals

Talk about one strong woman! Wife and mother of two Tracey completed five 12WBT Rounds – and lost 47 kilos! Her new lease on life has strengthened her relationship with her hubby and kids. As a multiple sclerosis sufferer, it’s also made her illness easier to deal with.

“Being fitter and not carrying the extra weight definitely helps with my MS, my blood pressure has returned to normal and I’ve got so much more vitality and energy,” says Tracey.

Midway through her journey she achieved a big goal – running 5km! And she’s never looked back.

Tracey’s Top 12WBT Tip: “Embrace the change! Immerse yourself in the program and trust you can do it. Use the community and connections with other 12WBT members to inspire you when the going gets tough.”

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Felicity: It’s All About the Mindset

A self-confessed comfort eater, Felicity’s turning point came after she saw a not-so-awesome photo of herself on Facebook. She decided to make a change!

Despite living in rural Australia, she was able to connect with her teammates through the 12WBT Forums, and found some women to pick her up and encourage her to push herself.

In just one Round she dropped 16 kilos, ran 15km and starting training for a triathlon. And Felicity is adamant there’s no stopping her now!

Felicity’s Top 12WBT Tip: “For me it was about changing my mindset. After the program is finished you have the skills, the knowledge and the attitude to continue exercising and eating well, and enjoying fitness.

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