Are Weekends Making You Gain Weight?

Advice // 12WBT Staff

As a personal trainer I would say one of the major factors I see preventing people from achieving their goals is their inability to take control of their weekends.

Most people are great at staying on course Monday to Friday, but as soon as that Friday feeling hits, it’s out with the running shoes and in with the champers and stilettos.

“Haven’t we worked our butts off all week and earned a little fun and reprieve,” they ask.

Well, my answer is “sure” –  sure if you want to stay stuck in the rut you’ve built for yourself and constantly diet and obsess about your weight.

I’m Not the Fun Police

Now anyone who knows me also that knows that I’m not one of those obsessive personal trainers who is all kale and quinoa.

Whilst I have a passion for healthy, active living, I also have a sneaky passion for salt and vinegar and sauvignon blanc.

I am an everyday, working mum of three kids who struggles with balance and time just like you. So how do I stay on track and stay committed to a healthy lifestyle?

The Secret!

What if I told you that I indeed had the secret to achieving your dreams? Even better, it’s free and anyone can apply it!

It’s a little thing that carries humungous weight and it’s called CONSISTENCY. Hardly cool, right?! Except I can put my life on it that if you apply it to the strategies we are teaching you at 12WBT, it will be the thing that gets you over the line!

Feeling Charged for Life

Most people give up when it gets too hard and start to look around for an easier way.

But the truth is the world of media and marketing is selling you a big fat lie. Shedding unwanted kilos and getting fit is NOT EASY!

But holy guacamole is it worth it! And even better it generates a momentum effect in every area of your life. When you are fit and healthy you will suddenly find yourself with long-lasting batteries.

The Weekend Downfall

OK, so let’s get down to the nitty gritty of the weekends and how applying consistency in this part of the week will see you smashing your goals in no time at all!

“It’s the weekend I’ve trained so hard and stuck to the plan surely I deserve a wee drink, or a few treats, Coach Karen?”

Let’s clear up one thing first. One weekend of drinking too much and eating crap can and will undo all the hard work you have smashed out in the week. Don’t believe me? Try weighing yourself Friday morning and then again on Monday morning and you’ll see what I mean!

It Can Cost You More Than a Few Drinks

You can stack on 1-2kg with binge eating and drinking in one weekend. Do that every weekend of your 12 week challenge and you will see yourself hitting a brick wall fast.

And yet you will sell yourself the sob story of how hard you trained every week and how much you stuck to it (insert disclaimer – by every week you mean Monday to Friday, well technically Monday to Thursday as Friday night was a blinder!).

Serious change takes serious effort – it’s not Monday to Thursday, but Monday to Sunday.

9 Tips for Staying Healthy on the Weekends

1.Train on Friday night and Saturday morning

I don’t care if your kids have sport. Find 30 minutes in your day to do a full body circuit, skip in your back garden, go for a run, whatever it takes. Better still, take your kids with you!

2. Set Drinking Limits

Keep alcohol to no more than two standard drinks over the weekend. For every drink you go over this, do one interval sprint session that weekend. It won’t take you long to get the message!

3. Be Mindful of What You Eat

Take control of what goes into your mouth. So many people tell me they feel the need to eat what everyone else is eating, or to not speak up and ask for menu modifications. Granted this might be difficult if going to a friend’s dinner party, however if you find yourself in a situation where there is absolutely nothing healthy on offer, then just eat a small plate of food. I promise you that you won’t starve to death!

4. Get Organised

Take time out on a Sunday to shop and pre-prepare your food for the week and weekend ahead. If I could put these words up in lights and flashing neon before your eyes I would. Because planning and preparation is the key to success for a busy life. I mean who has time during the week to spend hours slaving over the stove? I spend an hour or two on a weekend pre-preparing all my vegies, salads and proteins for the week ahead so I can whip up a family meal in under 20 minutes.

5. Get Inspired

Spend 15 minutes a day reading a motivational, health or wellbeing book that will keep you inspired on your journey. Keeping a health and fitness journal, either handwritten or on an app, is also a great idea.

6. Use Social Media for Good

Follow people on instagram and Facebook who are aligned with your new health and fitness goals and learn from and be inspired by their lifestyle.

Social media cops a bashing especially when you mention Instagram, but I’m not asking you to follow Kim Kardashian’s butt, however there are some great people out there who can give you excellent ideas on how to eat better, train better, live better. Better still, create your own Instagram account of your journey and stay accountable to your followers.

7. Make Smart Choices When Eating Out

I rarely ever find myself in a position where I can’t make a healthy choice in relation to food, and I eat out and on the run frequently. Have the confidence to ask restaurants to customise their menu items to suit your requirements, such as swapping chips for salad or mashed potato for steamed greens.

I have never been turned down. Also, watch the positive influence you subtly begin to have on those around you by making smarter food choices.

8. Make Sunday a Day of Fun!

Enjoy a recreational activity on Sunday.

Don’t just mill around the local shopping centre adding to your credit card bill, get into the great outdoors with your family and try new things such as a family game of tennis, footy at the park or a jog along the beach after a swim. Trust me, your kids will thank you for it too.

9. Ditch the Excuses and the Justifications

The weekend is the time when our excuses and justifications come out in full force and are so elaborate and believable that we almost have ourselves fooled that they are truth. But let me tell you, your excuses and justifications are the very source of your inability to make a breakthrough. It’s time to ditch them.

I know that this blog may touch a few nerves, however please know that I am on your side. I don’t say these things to make friends, but certainly I say them to influence people.

As your coach my number one goal is to see you WIN! Which means that sometimes you need to have tough conversations and provide tough love.

I do not come from a place of self-righteousness and perfection, but from a place of sisterhood and understanding.

So let’s do this!