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Best program I have ever used & so glad I was at introduced to 12WBT 6 rounds ago * - laurene_m

Every bump I dust myself off and jump on my journey again because this journey is for life and this road is one way, so there is no turning back. * - Tey

There probably isn't a diet plan I haven't tried! You lose weight on most of them but they are so hard to stick to that you fall off the wagon before long. Then a few years ago I discovered 12wbt and I never looked back. * - Anna1974

12WBT is officially "My Thing" , its my new hobby and what a wonderful, healthy hobby to have. * - janelle_restore26

What I failed to grasp earlier was it is not about perfection, it is about trying hard, consistency and giving yourself support and time. * - Lu_2016

Maybe this round you smashed your goals, or you may still have a little way to go - or even a long way. That's OK! Now's the time to regroup and reset your goals. Focus on all the things you've achieved so far and how much you can achieve next round. It's all about consistency!

Continue to work towards your weight loss goals, tone up, stay healthy through your Pregnancy, ease back into things with Post Baby or even learn to run (or run further than before!), I've got a program for you to get there. I can't wait to see you at the starting line again on XX-INSERT-DATE-XX.

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