So you've made a commitment to improve your strength and define your body shape. Awesome! It’s important to know the safest and most effective way of building muscle, and follow a nutrition plan that will support your training. Whether you're looking for strength or want to build up your muscle mass, we've got the program for you.

How to Build Muscle

The first step to building muscle is to decide what results you’re after. Are you looking for muscle mass or strength? They are quite different goals. To train for strength, go for very low repetitions and heavy weights. Want to build muscle mass? Work at a much higher rep level, using lighter weights.

Nutrition: Key to Building Muscles

The key to building muscles is good nutrition, so pay very close attention to what goes in your mouth. Protein helps repair and rebuild muscle, and carbohydrates give you fuel to train hard day after day.

Fitness: Benefits of a Strong Core

By developing a strong core, we are training the muscles in our back, hips, pelvis and abdomen to help perform our daily activities, reducing the risk of injury and creating better balance and posture.

Mindset: Importance of Rest and Recovery

A fundamental element in building muscle is getting plenty of rest, recovery and sleep. Your body will actually put on muscle when you rest! The amount of muscle you gain will depend on how hard you’ve trained.

Support: Expert Training Advice

It can be really hard to put on a kilogram of lean muscle mass. That's why our Support Crew is there for you with expert guidance and advice to build muscle.

A Healthy Back

Complaints of lower-back pain are becoming more and more prevalent. Research shows that having a strong core can reduce back pain. Weak and unbalanced back muscles causes the back to lose its correct lumbar curve and healthy posture.

Building Abs: Common Misconceptions

Research has shown that the best exercises for abs don’t focus exclusively on the abdominal muscles but instead work the entire core. If you’re looking to lose weight in the stomach area and build more defined abs, you will need to introduce cardio into your routine to burn the abdominal fat first.

      Don’t just focus on crunches and sit-ups: mix it up!
      Incorporate cardio to burn those calories and fat
      Start scheduling core work into your weekly exercise plan
      Think about switching on your core muscles all day, every day
      Try a core class at the gym
      Planking is your friend!