Learn to Run

Learn to Run: A plan to build your running confidence. At the end of 12 weeks you will be running 5km non-stop!

12 weekly payments of
or pay upfront and save $40.88

      Go from zero to 5km in 12 weeks
      Become a runner, improve your fitness, and lose weight
      Combines cardio, strength and stretching sessions for total body fitness and to avoid injury
      Twice-weekly Mindset Lessons address what's been holding you back from achieving your goals.
      Support from a team of health experts to answer questions and keep you on track
      Daily Meal Plans with 100s of delicious recipes.

Find out more about how our Learn to Run program will help you reach 5km in 12 weeks!


  • A Structured Plan

    The Learn to Run program consists of six workout days (not all hard - promise!).  Download a sample workout to see the kinds of exercises you will be doing. 

    • Increase your distance and speed safely without overtraining certain muscles or losing motivation.
    • Two days of running (including a weekly running test)
    • Two days of toning (specifically targeting your running muscles)

      One core/flexibility day (including self massage to aid in recovery)

      A Super Saturday Session, which includes all the above!
  • Easy-to-Follow Workouts

    We give you all the information you need to workout in a way that suits you. Choose when and where you want to work out, and then open up each day to see your plan in detail.

      All plans include helpful tips and how-to videos
      Use our 12WBT Daily iPhone app to exercise on the go
      Express workout options for when you're busy
      Cool down and self massage videos to help sore muscles
  • Work Out Where You Want

    Choose the workout location that fits with your schedule, budget and comfort level. Set to the same location for every workout, or mix it up each day for maximum variety!

      Outdoors in your local park or favourite setting
      At the gym using machines or gym classes
      Take 12WBT with you on work trips or holidays


  • Calories for Learn to Run

    Many of our Members who choose our Learn to Run program also want to lose weight. That is why we recommend 1,200 calories per day for women and 1,800 for men. However, if weight loss isn't your goal, then you are welcome to choose one of our higher calorie levels.

  • Healthy Snacks Make the Difference

    Nutritious snacks keep you from grazing on biscuits or other "treats", and can make the difference in healthy eating. Fruit, veggie and low-fat dairy snacks are also a great way to get the nutrition you need. 12WBT's satisfying snacks will help you manage temptation and stay on track all day.

  • 100s of Delicious Recipes

    As a 12WBT Member, you will get 12 weeks of Dietitian-approved Meal Plans including:

      Customisable plans to suit your tastes, dietary requirements and weekly schedules
      Ready-to-go shopping lists to shop in person, or plug into Woolworths Online
      Cooking for One option for solo 12WBTers means no food wastage
      Plenty of kid-friendly options the whole family will rave about
      Download some sample recipes here!
  • Short on Time?

    Our Time Saver Meal Plan is perfect for anyone with a busy schedule or wanting to spend less time in the kitchen.

      Enjoy our most popular quick and easy recipes that take minimal time to cook
      Choose our best freezer-friendly recipes that can be prepared in bulk
      Eat well and take care of yourself no matter how busy or tired you are
      Always have a healthy meal ready at home - No more last-minute takeaway!


  • Mindset Matters!

    It's all about mindset! Taking control of your mindset is one of the biggest tools for success. But it's often completely overlooked. 12WBT's twice-weekly Mindset Lessons dig deep into existing patterns and help you establish new habits. Members often tell us it's mindset that sets 12WBT apart.

    Watch a sample Mindset Lesson Video

  • Setting You Up for Success

    12WBT Pre-Season gets you ready to make the most of your 12WBT:

      Set achievable goals and be 100% committed to success
      Take practical steps like setting up healthy kitchen staples
      Learn tips and hints to avoid common pitfalls
  • Digging Deep

    On 12WBT you'll address what's holding you back from achieving your goals, and help keep your head in the game. We cover issues like the myth we call motivation and why we self-sabotage as well as practical advice like dealing with sore muscles and how to stretch properly. You'll use these lessons to get the most out of your 12WBT and for the rest of your life! 



  • The Power of Community

    Making real change happen is so much easier if you have the right support! Our community is with you every step of the way, keeping you on track and accountable. Forums are the perfect place to meet your teammates and make connections. And our Support Crew is there for you with expert guidance and advice.

  • 12WBT's Expert Support Crew

    Our amazing Support Crew covers all the bases:

      Accredited fitness professionals across all fitness programs and needs
      Dieticians with the latest in nutrition research and advice
      Mindset experts and member support to help you stay on track and get the most out of your 12WBT
  • Connect with Your Teammates

    The Member Zone is the hub of the 12WBT community. Get tips and advice, connect with your teammates and share your experiences with each other. The Member Zone can help no matter what's on your mind!

  • Find a Crew for You

    If you're looking to connect with 12WBTers in your area or with like-minded teammates who share your goal, crews are for you! Our 12WBT Crews provide encourangement and support all around Australia and beyond!

Meet some of our amazing Members!

"Hurray! Finally, something that actually works! It’s about making a commitment to permanent change. Healthy living is for life and I know now that I will never ever go back." ANDREA

"I love this program so much it’s the whole package, it’s the food plans & the exercise with the forums everything, it all just works." TANYA

"As I started to lose weight it gave me motivation and fuel to keep going". SAM